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Usapang Pera

What if money talks? Literally talks! Welcome to Usapang Pera, a series where money talks about everything and in a funny way.
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Trapped 100 Days in Minecraft

Meet Tenten, a super lazy boy trapped inside Minecraft.. Will he survive 100 days being lazy?
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Brgy. MegaToon

Meet the wacky group of Filipinos in barangay Megatoon - ang barangay ng bawat Filipino!
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This pinoy version of south park style cartoon will surely make you laugh or smile at least!
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Kamay na Bakal

Follow the adventures and misadventures of the legendary Kamay na Bakal (Iron Fist) of Du30 !!
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Estib Playz

I created MegaToon Tv and now I'm in gaming?
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