2014 was a big big BIG year for me… Why do I say it’s big? Well, for starters.. It was that year 2014 that I re-modeled my barangay Megatoon characters from flat 2D cartoon to full 3D!! I was able to do a few episodes in 3D before changing it back again into 2D. You see I did some survey and asked you viewers what do you like? (2D or 3D) Majority voted 2D, so I changed it back again to 2D..

It was also this year when I deactivated my MegaToon Facebook account because I was too busy to maintain it while doing animations..I also disabled my YouTube comments, because people are trying to use it to spam their advertisement instead of commenting about the video.

And it was also that year when I almost closed my YouTube account.. Luckily I never deleted my videos and just made them private..Well after all the messages & support that I got from you guys, I decided to continue making videos and promise NEVER to take down those videos again…

Well enough of that.. let’s look back at 2014, hope you enjoy watching this video and thanks again for all the support !!