It has been a while now and I’m receiving “3rd Party Audio Claim” from several of my videos. For those who’s not familiar on how videos from YouTube work.. Well, to start off… YouTube is a community that enforces strict emphasis on protecting copyright content. A YouTube channel can get a “strike” whenever there’s a “Copyright Claim”.. Get 3 strikes and your channel goes down (closed permanently).

A 3rd party claim however is different (as far as I know), you will still be allowed to use the claimed audio but you won’t be able to monetize it (earn money from your video).. Now that everything about ”Copyright” & “3rd party claim” is clear, I would like to assure everyone watching my show that I have no “strike” on my channel (ever). It’s been my advocate as a content creator to stay away from any copyrighted material on my videos.

Recently, I’ve been notified with a 3rd party claim with those audio & soundtrack that I use on my video. Technically I have all the rights & license to use all those but for some reason they are being automatically claimed by YouTube’s system.. My network is helping me sort those issues right now and I’m just waiting for the best course of action..

That being said, I temporarily won’t be able to release videos every week until it’s fixed. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the continued support! What can I say, the views and subscriptions are growing each day!! MEGA MEGA – thanks !

Stay tuned I’ll be back for more episodes soon!