Hi guys, I know it’s kinda few days late… but better late than never. Okay so this is my short blog update and what I’m trying to say is today is MegaToon TV’s 3rd year anniversary!! I’ve been busy lately and almost forgot about it.. So what happened for the past 3 years? Well.. I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of animation technique.. From 2D to 3D.

If you watched my show since season one you’ll easily know the changes.. Also, one of the major changes lately has something to do with my “Marketing Strategy” .. Back when MegaToon TV started around 2011, nobody knows what it’s all about.. I literally get zero views per day..yep, Z-E-R-O.. Either nobody likes what I do or nobody simply know I existed (my cartoon I mean)

Anyways… long story short, I did all those “follow-to-follow”, likes-per-likes”, “subscribe-per-subscribe” tactics just to get everyone to notice my cartoon.. I also tried to be super friendly on social media (I’m friendly in real life but I’m talking about super MEGA friendly), talking to everyone to a point that sometimes people misunderstood it and think that I’m kinda interested for a personal relationship (you get what I mean)..

All those marketing strategy worn me out.. Instead of making cartoons I’m spending a LOT of time pleasing people.. So one day I said, it’s time to stop with marketing and just simply focus on animation.. If people like what I do, they will watch it.. It’s time to spend serious time improving my animations than pleasing people on social media.. That’s when I dropped my personal Facebook, my FB Fan page with 4k likes, my tumblr.. I also disabled my YouTube comments.. In short.. ZERO marketing, just focusing on animations.. Deep inside I’m saying to myself..”If people likes what I do, they will watch it”..

Today is the 3rd year anniversary.. A lot has changed.. People are now watching my shows without me marketing it.. I still don’t have social media to market my cartoon.. well except for my twitter, I’m still keeping it open to know what’s happening and from time to time talk to people about my animations.. In a glance I gained:

  • 1,317,457 views in 3 years!
  • 36,596 views per month !
  • 1,219 views per DAY !!

Maintaining MegaToon TV is not my day job.. Yup I earn some revenue from it, but 80% is all about my passion for animation.. and every time I see someone enjoy what I do.. That’s more than enough reason for me to continue!

Thanks guys for sharing this journey with me…

P.S. not a short blog after all (hehehe)