Today is Father’s day… My dad? well he’s somewhere far far away. He died a few years after my college graduation. Being the eldest, I instantly became the bread winner in our family (1 brother, 2 sisters and my mom), not by choice but by destiny. What can a fresh graduate do to support this family? All I can think of that moment was “why”. Why’d he had to go so early? Come on, how do I support food, house rental, education and other stuffs to 5 people including me?.. why dad? why’d you left me with this burden alone….. My Dad was earning big, when he was alive, we were pampered with all great luxury as far as I can remember.. Suddenly he’s gone.. From Riches to Rags..

Well there where times when I was pressed to the wall.. nothing to do, no other options, all I can do is do my best and suck it up (suck it up = To endure a period of mental, physical, or emotional hardship with no complaining). It was not a happy ride, I remembered spending a few days with no electricity because I can’t afford to pay them. Eating twice a day with just rice with a junk food named “lechon manok – bought in store for 1 peso” as our meal. Enduring long walks everyday at work to save some money.

I became more religious that time… trusting with the author of life himself. I asked for solutions many, many times and yet he didn’t gave it according to what I asked. It was only recently that I saw what he did.. He gave me and my family a tremendous health, never getting sick that time. He gave us colder weather to endure nights without electricity.. He gave me ways to succeed faster than other people, opportunities that open up in front of me..

Comparing my life now and before, you would never imagine that I’ve went thru with that horror.. Nights without electricity was replaced with all day aircon.. A 1 peso junk food meal was replaced with kfc, jollibee, chowking, pizzahut ..etc. Delivered on my door as much as I want without worrying how to pay them. Saving money for transportation was replaced with taxi all the way. And talk about work.. I’m enjoying work now, work is just like playing, less hours, work whenever you want, sleep or watch tv whenever you want, no commute, US salary rate without going abroad.. My family are doing well, my brother, sisters and mom.. What more can I ask for?

My blog to heaven goes to my 2 dads… One for my biological father and the other to the author of life himself. Everything makes sense now.. why’d he left.. why I had to endure all those.. Thanks Dads! for making me the person I am now, Thanks for showing me those difficulties, thanks for catching me and letting me share and inspire other people.

If there’s something I’ve learn and want to share it’s to have “Faith”.. Difficult times might push you to do bad things… don’t give in! have faith and don’t be afraid to endure. If you’ll do bad things just to solve your problems, those problems would not go away. You might be able to solve them temporarily but it will come back at ya 2X.

Endure my friend… and see how he rewards you.. don’t blame him for difficulties, just do your best and endure.. Trust me, I went to all those and I’m proud to share you this wonderful story..