Kung may isang horse breed na gusto ko… that would be the “Arabian Horse”.. I’m not a horse rider, in fact I only rode a horse once sa Tagaytay going to the mouth of the volcano.. So why do I say I like the Arabian horse? Well because of the training it undergoes..

These breed of horse where once used in war and syempre the more obedient the horse to its master, the better. Their training is just like any other training of obedience.. They are taught commands then they are rewarded every time they obey. They undergo long months of training and needs to pass one final test before they find their new master.

What’s the final test? 3 days before the test, they are worked hard with no food and very little water. After 3 days of working hard, they are placed next to a corral with a lot of food and water. The only thing that separates them is a “gate”. You can just imagine how these horse would grab those food once the gates are open..

So eto na nga, the trainers would open the gates and these horses would gallop towards the food. Just before the horses reach the food a whistle will be sounded for the horses to return.. yung mga horse that didn’t obey would be eliminated from the training.. The horses that are chosen are those without hesitancy to obey their master’s command and return.

We all have goals in life, unfortunately there are also a lot of distraction. Distraction could be the people around you, your past or other things that are not related to your goal.. Minsan we are distracted so much that we lose focus on our goals and get lost.. Minsan we are chained to our past that we forget about our future.. In some ways, we undergo the same training as the Arabian horses ..

Someday a whistle will remind us of our goals.. A small whistle will tell us what we told ourselves before the training.. Will we still be able to hear it? or are we so distracted that we are lost? People who stand firm and loyal to their goals are usually the best leaders and achievers… just like those gallant “Arabian Horses”…