BetongRecently I’ve collaborated with a talented Pinoy singer and song writer simply known as “Tonio”… The project was”Betong – ang unang yugto”.. The result was more than expected as it gained 946 views in just 17 hours after it was uploaded, it continued to gather more views with 2,192 views in 2 days !

I was not expecting this video to gain such views in such short time.. why? well, I had music collaborations before and it didn’t even went that far.. Probably subscribers on my channel are more interested on Pinoy jokes.. It makes sense why the”Betong” collaboration were a big success, because the song narrates the misadventures of a kid named Betong.. Catchy lyrics and cheesy reto-rock and roll beat, makes it easy for the young audience to like..

Future plans: The song is a 12 part series, basically it would narrate even more misadventures of Betong as he becomes a teen and grow to be an adult. Since it got a nice welcome views on its debut, expect a sequel (part 2) to come out probably January or February of 2014..

Betong vs Yolanda (Haiyan) Typhoon: The project started way, waaaay back before the super typhoon devastated the Philippines but It was officially released on Megatoon TV channel a few days after the typhoon.. The timing couldn’t be more better as we try to change the sad atmosphere into a more lighter one.. Filipinos are known for their resiliency, you could watch news of devastation but you’ll never miss to see a Filipino smile or laugh amidst the problem..

Betong may not relieve the damage done by recent event, but it would always be a big start once you see people smiling again 😀

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful people around the world who participated in helping the affected people from the Typhoon Haiyan, God Bless you and God bless the Philippines !