Random thoughts from Estib.

Ang Dakilang Content Creator

Tinagalog para sa masa! Kung binabasa mo ito ngayun, malamang napanood mo na ang aking mga bidyo sa YouTube o kaya, follower kita sa twitter.. So bakit ka nga ba andito? Aba ewan ko sa’yo.. joke lang, ayokong simulan tong talata ko ng parang nag-sesermon, kaya ngumiti ka at basahin ang aking kwento ^_^ Ang [...]

Graduation sa Pinas

Marami sa inyo would be (or already) graduating this year.. So in behalf of MegaToonTV I greet you all Congratulations ! Pero its bitter sweet.. sweet because of your graduation but bitter because I know majority of you would be added to our pool of unemployed people.. Each year dumadami ang unemployed, regardless kung valedictorian [...]

No Swimming

Signs are there for a reason.. It could help us know something we don’t or it may even save our lives.. It was one sunny day when a kid about 10 years old saw this sign that says "Danger no swimming".. The beach was surrounded with fine powder-like sand that any kid would love to [...]

A Story of Loyalty and Discipline

Kung may isang horse breed na gusto ko… that would be the “Arabian Horse”.. I’m not a horse rider, in fact I only rode a horse once sa Tagaytay going to the mouth of the volcano.. So why do I say I like the Arabian horse? Well because of the training it undergoes.. These breed [...]

Going Beyond the Distance

“Pwede na yan”.. ”okay na yan”.. “I’ll do my best next time”… This is me as a kid, always giving little or no effort at all to exceed.. Yup, that’s me! I have my own share of failures as a kid.. probably because I didn’t give it my best. Honestly until now as a grown [...]

The Curse of the Happy Mask :)

Remember the phrase “the show must go on”? You will hear most of this from entertainment business.. Its a phrase that tell you to go on, act professional despite what you feel… Most of you knows me by my “MegatoonTV" channel on youtube. It’s a wholesome channel that promotes laughter, being positive and loving life [...]


I remember someone asking me “why MegaToonTV”? Is it for fame? Money? or what?... Well probably besides the Money (via youtube partnership), I’m doing it primarily for “Legacy" (*legacy = anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor).. I am a Filipino, my countrymen are gifted with talents that I would [...]

A blog to heaven

Today is Father’s day… My dad? well he’s somewhere far far away. He died a few years after my college graduation. Being the eldest, I instantly became the bread winner in our family (1 brother, 2 sisters and my mom), not by choice but by destiny. What can a fresh graduate do to support this [...]


If there is something intangible that I respect the most, that would be.. T I M E When asked, who’s my favorite superhero.. I’ll have to answer, Superman and Flash.. Both of them are able to move so fast that they can utilize time in a very efficient way.. People around me who knows me, [...]

Matino ka ba?

You ask me to behave? weh di nga? noong bata ako napanood ko si Tarzan na halos hubot-hubad...si Cinderella naman naka-uwi halos madaling araw na...si Pinocchio naman nagsisinungaling...si Batman naman halos 200 miles an hour magpatakbo ng kotse...at si Snow White, nakatira kasama ang 7 lalake...si Aladin ay naman isang magnanakaw...si Popeye naman, naninigarilyo ng [...]