News about MegaToon.

Kamay na Bakal Series

The story is about Pres. Duterte’s fight against criminals portrayed in a comical way. Now on its third episode, the adventures still continues…

MegaToonTv Dedicates a Video for Miriam

A video dedicated for the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

I’m Back!

After being away for sooooooo long – I’m finally back!! Here is a short schedule list on my upcoming shows & podcast.. I’m hoping I could produce weekly contents as I did before.. There’s a minor schedule change, starting today new YouTube videos will be every Fridays while new podcast will be every Tuesdays..

Megatoon TV is now on iTunes

Besides making videos, I decided to shift towards the audio department. This idea started when I did a weekly podcast.. Why a weekly podcast? Well, I love talking to you guys about my plans for Megatoon, behind the scenes info, about life and anything in general. These podcast are 20 minutes long and you can [...]

New Partner Site

As of today April 8, 2015 MegaToon TV partnered with another online radio station called PartyBeats FM. You might want to check them out.

Official Social Media

I've seen a lot pages all over the internet about "MegaToon TV". I'm surprised to see a Facebook fanpage too. Although I appreciate the fact that people are investing their time to create these pages, spread my videos & spread my channel, I also know the risk of them representing me in a bad way. [...]

Usapang Pera hits mainstream in 2015!

After a few months of monitoring and reviewing the views I get from individual videos (thanks to google analytics), it seems “Usapang Pera” stood out as the most viewed daily. I was surprised with the result, how can an old video from 2012 be the most viewed in 2015? It's also one of my video [...]

2014 Flashback

2014 was a big big BIG year for me… Why do I say it’s big? Well, for starters.. It was that year 2014 that I re-modeled my barangay Megatoon characters from flat 2D cartoon to full 3D!! I was able to do a few episodes in 3D before changing it back again into 2D. You [...]

3rd Year Anniversary – WhoooHooo !

Hi guys, I know it’s kinda few days late… but better late than never. Okay so this is my short blog update and what I’m trying to say is today is MegaToon TV’s 3rd year anniversary!! I’ve been busy lately and almost forgot about it.. So what happened for the past 3 years? Well.. I’ve [...]

Betong Hits the Chart !

Recently I’ve collaborated with a talented Pinoy singer and song writer simply known as "Tonio"… The project was"Betong – ang unang yugto".. The result was more than expected as it gained 946 views in just 17 hours after it was uploaded, it continued to gather more views with 2,192 views in 2 days ! I [...]