“Pwede na yan”.. ”okay na yan”.. “I’ll do my best next time”… This is me as a kid, always giving little or no effort at all to exceed.. Yup, that’s me! I have my own share of failures as a kid.. probably because I didn’t give it my best. Honestly until now as a grown up man, there are little things that haunts me and I kept thinking “what if” I just did my best? Would things be different?

My love for drawing subconsciously gave me the discipline I need to focus and literally give my best.. At that time nothing is more heartbreaking and painful than to loose on a drawing competitions.. I’ve got friends and family who cheers me up and I felt I let them down loosing on a competition just because I’m not doing my best…

From there on, I’ve learned to value “opportunity”.. Opportunity, doesn’t and will not wait for you to be at your best. I remembered someone asking me about my Youtube channel “MegatoonTV” asking me why do I need to put effort in animations If I can just make it simple since I’m not getting paid anyways.. Well, yeah I can slack off and go easy.. but that’s not me. If I have to do animations, might as well give it my best.. If I fail, I won’t have any regrets because I know that I gave everything I got.

I hope this simple post motivates whoever is reading this.. and it applies to everything and not just drawings.. There’s no time machine, no way to go back and fix your mistakes… So, as long as you have that “opportunity” grab on to it and do your best.. forget everything, just do your best. Don’t think, just act. I’m not promising you success….


One thing I can promise.. If ever you fail, you’ll have the sweetest failure.. Nothing to bother you of “What if”.. Deep inside, you know you already did your best.. and that my friend is how you get your energy to move on with failures!

Life is too short, go out there and go the distance!