Finally Kidlat (in english, Lightning) is here! This the first of three episode of “Kidlat”. It’s a story about a superhero with incredible speed. He is an alien sent here to help mankind.. What fate does this hero bring?

My first superhero cartoon! Every animator dreams on doing his own superhero cartoon. Probably to relive childhood memories of super human beings gifted with super powers.

Okay, so why “Kidlat” (lightning):

If superheroes do exist and if I could be one of them, I would choose someone who could move very, very fast. Why? well, you can’t hit someone moving so fast. Even if you are as strong as Hulk or Superman.. The ability to move so fast is also equal to doing so many things in a very short time.

Kidlat’s Power:

  • Fly = No
  • Invulnerable = No
  • Mental telepathy = No
  • Speed = The fastest superhero.

How fast is Kidlat?

It’s really hard to show it on video but I think I can describe it by words. Let’s use time as a measurement of his speed. Our 1 second is equal to his 30 minutes. Meaning for just 1 second, he could do things that we normally do at 30 minutes! So if it takes you about 30 minutes to clean your room, Kidlat can do it in one second!

Why is he invisible to everyone?

Kidlat technically is not invisible.. He just moves so fast for you to see him. If he would stand in front of you for about 30 minutes (without any single movement), you can actually see him by 1 second. I don’t think 1 second is enough to register someone’s image.