I remember someone asking me “why MegaToonTV”? Is it for fame? Money? or what?…

Well probably besides the Money (via youtube partnership), I’m doing it primarily for “Legacy” (*legacy = anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor).. I am a Filipino, my countrymen are gifted with talents that I would consider world class… Sadly, poor economy drives those talents away from our country.. People who are good at drawings earn a living abroad (employed by Disney, Marvel & DC comics..etc) Thus instead of getting recognition for our country, it goes to big companies like Disney. I know they would contribute their wonderful works if only the economy here is good, so I guess I understand why they have to go abroad and pitch in their talent where it pays good.

I may not be the best animator in town.. But I’m proud that I could come up with at least one episode per week. I’m a one man army.. (story + artist + animator + narration + video editor + web master + marketing).. Yep, I need to market them.. What good is your work when nobody knows about it or appreciate it.. Again, not for money, but more for the legacy..

MegaToonTV will not be forever. I might get tired drawing and doing those things one day.. But before I go (for whatsoever reason). I would like to pass on a legacy to my fellow Filipinos that if someone like me could do it, then I know they could do it too! I believe they could do it better than me.

Why are your cartoons all in “Tagalog” why not use “English”? Well, English might not be my primary language (but I could speak English quite fluently), but since I’m doing this not for fame or money, I would like to pass on a legacy wherein speaking Tagalog on a Filipino made cartoon, is my own way of keeping my Filipino tradition.

We’ve all watched some Japanese anime at one point.. Or watched some Korean Drama on some occasion.. We know how Japanese, Korean, Spanish ..etc sounds like even if we don’t understand a word they say.. How I wish someone around the globe would watch my cartoons, hearing for the first time how “Tagalog” sounds like, and enjoy watching it all at the same time.. That’s the reason I’m putting English subs on my videos on Youtube and focusing Tagalog on the main language..

How far am I with my goals? Thanks to everyone’s support, people from the foreign community are now watching my Tagalog videos! They are also enjoying it even with just English subtitles. I’m very optimistic that Filipinos could contribute good animation shows globally while retaining the tradition and culture of being a Filipino.

This is my legacy, my optimistic dream for every Filipinos that the flame that I carry would inspire the next generation and other generations to come that “We can do it!”

Filipinos can do it!