Besides making videos, I decided to shift towards the audio department. This idea started when I did a weekly podcast.. Why a weekly podcast? Well, I love talking to you guys about my plans for Megatoon, behind the scenes info, about life and anything in general. These podcast are 20 minutes long and you can listen to them anywhere, on your PC, laptop, mobile device, car stereo or any device that plays audio.

Aside from podcast, I also converted my joke videos into joke audios. Now you’ll be able to listen instead of just watching! I know most of you guys are always “On-the-go” (busy doing stuffs outside home), so I made this available in audio format.

One more great news is that I included a download option on these audios so that you can download them whenever you have an internet and keep listening whenever you go out with no internet – All for FREE !!

Besides iTunes, you can listen on: (I recommend getting soundcloud apps)

Download the soundcloud apps on your Android & iOS :

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