Miriam Defensor Santiago, not only is a brave woman but also a funny one. I like watching her speak in the senate hearings or in some events with her funny pickup lines. And I’m sad to hear the news a few days ago about her death. I think it was sudden, but I guess that’s life.

Then I remembered, she have published her own books which were always on the “Best Seller” section. And I said “I should get a copy myself”. To my surprise, it wasn’t easy to get one. It is always sold out. After a few visit to a store or two, I finally got one. Unfortunately, I only got the second book “Stupid is Forever More”. But I guess that’s better than nothing.

I have finished the book and decided to share it with my Mega-friends. So in my next video, I will feature a few of the best jokes I have read on Miriam’s book. This will be like a “Dedication Video” to her. The video will be released right after the most requested series “Kamay na Bakal”. So that would be by next Friday. Be sure to subscribe to see this video as soon as it is available!

And last but not the least, I still encourage you guys to buy your own copy of this book. I only selected a few jokes, so there’s a lot more on it. Not only jokes, it also have cartoon strips, short stories and even a biography on Miriam’s life.