no swimming signSigns are there for a reason.. It could help us know something we don’t or it may even save our lives.. It was one sunny day when a kid about 10 years old saw this sign that says “Danger no swimming”.. The beach was surrounded with fine powder-like sand that any kid would love to build sand castles.. But maybe not this kid, he was so eager to go swim despite the warning, despite the lovely sand to build castles..

The kid went through the water about waist deep, played a little, got bored and went farther. “I know how to swim” was the thought at the back of his mind. He went farther and farther until he noticed that the waves are so strong that it was actually pulling him. The boy panicked and started to swim back to shore.. But his strength was not enough to conquer the angry waves..Going back to shore is impossible, he was left with only one option.. To swim and stay up float and hopes someone might see and rescue him..

In life, we all have many options (good and bad ones).. Just like the kid on the story when he saw the “no swimming” sign.. He could follow the sign and go home or just enjoy the sand and play. As we choose wrong options, our next available options gets fewer and fewer until we eventually get caught up.. When the kid disobeyed the sign, he still has few good options like stay within the waist deep water, go back and just play with the sand or go home.. unfortunately he keeps choosing the wrong options until he was left with just one.. “to swim and stay alive”..

Some of us had made terrible choices in life and good options are the only way to escape it.. Nothing in life is too late, just like the thief besides Jesus on the cross, when in the very last minute he made the correct choice and acknowledged his mistakes.. The idea of “it’s too late and I can never go back” is for me the worst ideology for inner change..

Come now, let’s go back to shore!

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” – Proverbs 14:22