Elbis and PiracyPiracy in general is bad for developers / producers and content creators.. That being said, sometimes Piracy actually helps! (well at least for me, listen to my story.. err read it)..

Being a one man army cartoonist, I spend serious time and dedication to every video release I make. Unfortunately, there would always be people that would download my hard earned work and re-upload them on their own YouTube channel (without permission) *sigh..

At first, I regularly report them to YouTube and their videos are taken down. From one account re-uploading my works it soon multiplied to a point I don’t have enough time to report them regularly. That’s when I applied for the “Automatic Claim option” from YouTube that would automatically transfer monetization to my account… but, unfortunately got rejected because it only works for videos being re-uploaded in a “million”.. (at least that’s what they told me)..

Being pirated on YouTube is just a start, I soon realize that “big and famous” Pinoy Facebook fan pages are re-uploading my works on their own pages.. That’s when I stop caring about piracy and stopped fighting against it.. Animation eats a lot of my time to even bother waste it on a piracy tag-of-war..

beat piracy on youtube

Then something good happened.. I notice how the daily views became stable at 1,000+ and I’m getting stable amount of new subscribers everyday! This piracy thing helped me retain audience for the past 3 months being inactive in releasing cartoon and marketing for Megatoon TV !!! Piracy literally saved my channel while I’m inactive 🙂

I started to view those piracy attacks in a positive way.. Just think about it, why would anyone waste time downloading then re-uploading my works if it was boring or worthless? Those videos are high definition videos, which means downloading and re-uploading them takes time. They actually use those videos to brag about it on their Fanpages.. In fact I read some of the comments they got and it was very heartwarming how people say good things about it without my knowledge.

Besides the views and subscriptions, Piracy is my safeguard that Megatoon legacy would stay on the internet.. Who knows, I might actually delete my YouTube account someday along with all the videos I did.. Piracy would ensure that those videos would stay on the internet and would continue to circulate beyond my control and in ways I can only imagine!

In conclusion, I learned people would stay away from your videos if it sux, you would have to break a leg just to get people to watch it, while on the other hand if your video is good be prepared to face the consequence of piracy that comes along with success..

Piracy is bad, but in my case and in an optimistic point of view… it’s one way to say, “Keep on doing what you’re doing”