At the latter part of season 2 after my last video upload (June 22, 2013), I was too busy with work and life to even continue producing video on a weekly basis. As some of you know, animating is not my regular job. It’s just my hobby to kill boredom after work. Since I got too busy with work, I have no choice than to drop “Megatoon TV”.. It’s painful to leave my hard earned solo-animation show since 2011 but work is work …

Besides animation, I also dropped marketing on my social media (marketing is what I do to introduce my animation to people and keep my subscribers updated).. I stopped creating new videos, dropped my Facebook co-admins, stopped updating my subscribers (to the point that I even deleted my own Facebook “Estib” page) and generally, stopped everything about Megatoon TV…

Initially I thought people will just forget about the show, because some of my detractors think that the support I get is either because I got Facebook friends that watch it regularly, others think because I regularly update my social media or because I’m affiliated with groups and of course there would also be some extreme detractors that would bluntly say that I owe it all to them because of their great marketing scheme.. (ya’ whatever)

It’s the moment of truth.. Since I’m too busy to continue with Megatoon TV, I’ll know if what my detractors think are true..No video, no marketing, no groups, no co-admins.. completely nothing.

At the time I’m typing this post (Sept. 12, 2013 – err still no new video uploads), the channel retained its daily regular view (now 936,035 it was previously 849,289)… I can clearly and proudly say that my detractors are all wrong.. That I don’t owe it to their so called marketing, groups, co-admins and their self proclaim great marketing strategy for what Megatoon TV is today.. I owe it all to the people who watch the show, people with no names, some doesn’t even have a YouTube account.. Megatoon TV is here because of you wonderful people who watch and support the show!

This awesome and undying support led me from dropping the show to extending and even brining new life to Megatoon TV.. Starting soon, barangay Megatoon TV will be back for season 3 !!! expect new shows, new improvements and new stories! Season 3 will debut the comeback episode of Elbis, Boogie, Abu and the gang with a longer and different story genre (instead of just corny jokes, expect something new).. I’m currently finishing the comeback episode (while still busy at work) and I’m very much excited to finish it..

Stay Tuned!