Elbis and Jowlens for Season 3For almost over 3 months now, here’s my season 3 comeback episode entitled “My Bad Luck”.. This post would contain spoilers so don’t read it until you watched the video.

Okay moving on.. This new video contains something new that I don’t usually do, like:

  • Barangay MegaToon doing serious role instead of corny punch lines.
  • The video is 5 times longer than my average 2 minute video.
  • some new animation technique.

The Story:
The story tells about Elbis having his worst day ever who ended up wishing to disappear. Unfortunately he got what he wished for and found out that he was teleported in time to 2043! A lot has change and it’s something he deeply regret.. Yet still a caring father he tries to correct everything and wished to go back in time..

Aside from having a longer video, my biggest challenge is creating the “LRT (Light Rail Transit) scene”. Well unlike drawing buildings and houses where I can randomly create my own design, LRT is different , I have to copy the exact thing and make it familiar to what Filipino commuters see every day.

LRT for season 3

Other minor challenge is visualizing how Abu Sarap and Jowlens look in 2043 (that’s 30 years from now).

Video content:
Just like my other videos, I’m trying to stick on a wholesome content.. Not to be mistaken as kids stuff, I just believe a video for “general patronage” is the ideal market for everyone (both young and old).. And a video you won’t be ashamed to share on social media or watch with your family.

I always try to insert some positivity on my videos, either to make you smile or get some dose of “lessons in life”. I know we all need to smile sometime 🙂

LRT station for season 3What’s Next:
This video would officially start season 3.. Expect more jokes and more animations.. Unfortunately I’m still busy with work and still trying to squeeze time doing animations for this show. So with that, I’ll stick in doing 2D animations for a while and stop continuing my 3D animations like Kidlat and probably doing collaborations too.. This is not something permanent, it’s just I’m trying to budget my time with work, animation and life.

Watch the full video:

I hope you all do stay tuned and keep on supporting amateur Filipino animations!

MEGA – thanks,