Lately someone created a Facebook fan page called “MegaToon TV” ( Without my permission or consent, they’ve used my images, company logo and heck even my own avatar!

I don’t know if they are trying to pretend to be me or just promoting my cartoons. This is fine by me, they can create unofficial Megatoon pages & I will even thank them for that.. Unfortunately overnight stardom was too much for them to handle..

The page grew famous overnight & they started to re-upload, edit, cut my opening/closing logo & even speed up the video making it sound like chipmunks.. Maybe they want the video to be shorter so they don’t need to upload it longer?

They even went too far creating their own YouTube page, re-uploaded my videos and called it MegaToon TV (so that they can earn some money from google adsense)..

How much crab mentality can you get for fame & money?

Anyways, I reported the page both on YouTube & Facebook and now it’s gone as – simple as that! I’m wondering how these people feel to rise up in fame overnight and drop flat down being unknown losers again.. I’m trying to inspire people to do animated videos & not do acts of piracy.. I hope they learn their lesson.

If anyone wants to create MegaToon fan pages, go on create one.. but… BUT.. don’t re-upload my videos, all you have to do is get the link on my YouTube page and post it on your fanpage.. as easy as that. If you have to use my image, just ask me for one & I might even spend time creating one for you..

Guys, don’t kill content creators by doing piracy.. Support them! YouTube videos are free, why would you like to pirate them?

As always, stay AWESOME – mega people!