Remember the phrase “the show must go on”? You will hear most of this from entertainment business.. Its a phrase that tell you to go on, act professional despite what you feel…

Most of you knows me by my “MegatoonTV” channel on youtube. It’s a wholesome channel that promotes laughter, being positive and loving life in general.. Let’s be realistic, yeah I promote all this fun and positive side of life but sometimes (if not often) I do encounter scenarios, mood that won’t let me be positive.. That’s where the hard part is… “Faking” happiness..

Welcome to the curse of the Happy Mask..

If not for Megatoon, I probably would be just a quiet and private type of guy… But since I’m trying to promote it, I really have to get to know as much number of people as I can.. At first I felt awkward doing “connections” to random people I don’t know in real life… I could say that being a well rounded person helped me get along with almost any level of person I encounter..

  • There are people who likes what I do
  • hates what I do (just this one guy – who’s too insecure)
  • pretends to like what I do just to get to know me
  • etc, etc.. (you get the picture)

From what I’ve observed, some people who talks to me regularly via my FB page somehow knows if something is wrong with me.. Is it by the way I type? Do they somehow feel what I feel? … How?

No matter how good I hide things, sometimes the “Happy Mask” can’t really mask what I feel.. Probably that’s the big difference from talking to an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence like simsimi) and talking to a real person.. It may be just letters & numbers but at the end of the other line is a real person.. reading and replying to what I type…

I just hope that I could one day remove my Happy Mask… remove Megatoon.. and just be “Me” – the real me.. that I could say what I want to say without worrying about what people might think.. But of course I need to be the Happy guy, the Mr. solution to everything.. no need to worry about that, time to wear my Happy Mask!

Forever Happy
😀 😀 😀

*the best sad story for me is about a clown who makes people happy but deep inside he’s dying with sadness.. who would understand a clown hiding from a fake smile? now ain’t that the saddest story you got?