It all started when I was studying flash animation during my free time. At first I really have no plans on creating a regular show, but since I’m creating cartoons, I said hey why not put some stories in it.. Story telling is not what I’m focused back then, all I want is to learn animations. Since the internet is flooding with all these “Pinoy Jokes” (*pinoy = a Filipino people / from the Philippines ), I got an idea to animate those joke. Okay, now that I got the stories for my animation… next problem is what would I call my animation? You know, a cartoon name / brand like Disney, Nickelodeon and other famous cartoon name..

MegaToon TV

You guys remember the movie Megamind? Well, I love the movie because of the nice story and because I love superhero flick movies.. So, I got the name “Mega”.. but yeah, “mega” sounds incomplete.. it doesn’t sound like a name either.. So I added “Toon” from cartoons and “TV” to make it sound like a YouTube Channel.. Thus the name “MegaToon TV”..



Cartoon cast

Okay, so I got the name for my channel.. now what? I can create random nameless characters for each cartoon video but I decided to give them names and personalities. So here are my first regular cast and a little bio.

  • Elbis Presko: His name came from the singer Elvis (obviously). He is a cool dad to Jowlens.
  • Boogie Woogie: Random name I created. He spent his time working abroad and now he’s back in the Philippines.
  • Abu Sarap: A name I got from a rebel group “Abu Sayaf”. I transformed the name to something funny. Abu is your typical quiet big guy.
  • Jowlens Kulit: A name I got from a Philippine Actress “Jolina”. She’s your mischievous little girl in the story.
  • Father Banal: Philippines is a Christian nation, so I included a priest to make barangay Magatoon your regular Pinoy community.

Here’s some early sketch Elbis on top, Abu below.