After a few months of monitoring and reviewing the views I get from individual videos (thanks to google analytics), it seems Usapang Pera stood out as the most viewed daily. I was surprised with the result, how can an old video from 2012 be the most viewed in 2015? It’s also one of my video being re-uploaded by other YouTubers without my permission. Of course I filled complaint and those videos were removed.


Since I never created a sequel, the only way it can gain more views is if they either share it or watch it over and over. Another funny thing is when you search YouTube for Usapang Pera there is a search suggestion of “Usapang Pera part 2” (meaning people are searching for these things).


But why usapang pera? Maybe because every Filipinos can recognize the characters or maybe it’s good to see those money come alive and talk? Well whatever the reason, the people wants it and I would gladly give them more episodes! That being said, my goal is to create as much videos as I can about Usapang Pera this year!! Besides making those money talk, I’m thinking of inserting some history in it.. What do I mean? Remember those forgotten currency way back 1951? (of course I don’t because I wasn’t born yet)

Well I’m planning to bring them back to life by the power of animations. It would be like bridging the past from our current generation. I’m sure our seniors would also feel nostalgic when they see it back to life! If YouTube stays like till year 3000 or something, I’m sure people watching it will find some historical value of what our money today looks like..


Joke contents would be a challenge for me.. Why? Well, these moneys are Philippine heroes and presidents. I don’t want to go over board to a point of disrespecting them.. My solution is not to refer to them as actual people but a money, so instead of saying “Jose Rizal” it would be “Mr. One Peso”.. At the end of the day, my goal is to make someone smile. Just imagine someone stuck in a bad situation, pulls out his money and remembers those silly Usapang Pera in Youtube and smile.. Heroes didn’t just win the war, they inspired people and if I can use them to make people smile then I don’t see any reason to worry..


Well that’s about it, I hope you guys watch and share Usapang Pera. I really hope you enjoy watching it. Thank you for reading this far and I’ll talk to you all soon!