Aired Nov. 2014 – July 8, 2015


Regular cast:
(from left to right and bottom)

  • Father Banal
  • Abu Sarap
  • Elbis Presko
  • Boogie Woogie
  • Jowlens Kulit

Show Info

This was the flagship animation that started the MegaToon TV. The first episode was “Pinoy Jokes: Traffic” (November 9, 2011), starring Elbis Presko and Boogie Woogie. Season one ended after the release of the 15th episode titled “Panaginip”.

The show was rebooted and re-designed from the looks down to the voice. It was re-designed to look like a “chibi” (cartoon characters with small body and big head).

Season 3 started with new 2D design (improved chibi) which later on was re-modeled and given a full 3D remake.

Unfortunately the 3D design lasted only 4 episodes after reading feedbacks from viewers that they enjoy watching the 2D cartoon than 3D.

From then on, they were re-designed again & given an improved 2D makeover on season 4.